Sunday, November 14, 2010

Miss Fancy Mouse Visits the House

Ms.Fancy Mouse visits the House

I'm so glad you've come to tea
with your fire-red boa and purple plume hat,

no one could mistake this Miss Mouse,
for a lowly common rat.

I'm so glad you've come to tea--
you dress up the place you see,

with your green leather purse,
and your visits to the nurse.

You say your health has gotten worse?
Oh dear, I hope it not infectious!

Sit, you'll find the soup delicious.
I'm so glad you've come to tea.

How on earth did you catch it?
You sat beneath a toadstool and were bitten by a flea!

A tragic story, I see why it is you cry.
Let's sip our tea and dwell on matters happy by and by.

Counting by Twos

Two oak trees with their leaves turning brown
Four sugar maple leaves, red and gold on the ground
Six sparrows dashing in the privet to hide
Eight laughing children in line for the slide
Ten geese wait by the shore at the park
Twelve streetlights line the street after dark
Fourteen sweet and cold apples in a bowl
Sixteen lumpy holes in the lawn from a mole
Eighteen tulip bulbs wait in their winter bed
Twenty pages left til I rest my weary head. 

Image in the public domain from wikimedia Commons  : Views of Kyoto - 10. Merrymaking beneath Maple Trees at Tsuten Kyo      by Hiroshige Utagawa