Friday, July 23, 2010

Fairy Princess (prompt at Monday's Child)

Of fairies, she's our very own.
She'll be queen once she is grown.

Made of petals of lily and wild roses,
she honey bathes our eyes, and delights our noses.

Little queen to be, you have yet to speak a word...
but through all the glen today,
your name alone we heard.

Your secret name is kept in a seed of flower's wild,
Your manner will be light as air; your heart, as kind and mild.

But for now, you sleep like any babe, our little fairy child.
Copyright © 2010 Tess

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Need Inspiration?

I just discovered a site that's really lovely (thank you Marinela!) and I think it will be a great help. Monday's Child at
Check it out!  Although this work has been mis-attributed to Bernhard Oberdieck, his work is well worth checking out at:

The Moon and Me

We are happy, the bright- faced moon and me,
Gazing past the fluffy clouds to an ocean blue.
The sailboats rocking themselves dream the open sea.....
If you were told to go to sleep what would you do?

My calico cat purrs at the foot of my bed.
Mother hears me scribbling and calls up the stairs, "Remember what I said!"
She promised we'd ride to the white sandy beach
and pack in our basket juicy plums, cherries, and peaches for each.