Sunday, January 23, 2011

Triolet for a Wolf

image from Wikimedia , artist, Gustave Doré
(in the Public Domain)

Triolet for a Wolf

One afternoon deep within the wood,
I was warm when you came near:
You leaned your coat against me and there I stood,
one afternoon deep within the wood.
I didn't move although I thought I should--
your heat and silence were enough to fear--
 but that afternoon deep within the wood,
I was so warm when you came near.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Illustrator, Vivienne? 1947

Wishing Poem (prompt from Monday's Child)
I wish to lick the moon,
to hold your tears in a sugar spoon.
I wish the snow were made of gold
and I wish the young were never old.
I wish my eyes were brown, not blue
and the sky could recall each bird that flew.
I wish my thirst would let me be
and that dish of milk were enough for three.
I wish to fill a wishing well
and then go fishing for a spell.