Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama bu Shepard Fairey to Telstar Logistic, Creative Commons
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A found-poem/ letter from Opinion/The New York Times

Dear President Obama,

Here is a list of the first 10 things you should do as president:

1. Fly to the White House in a helicopter.
2. Walk in.
3. Wipe feet.
4. Walk to the Oval Office.
5. Sit down in a chair.
6. Put hand-sanitizer on hands.
7. Enjoy moment.
8. Get up.
9. Get in car.
10. Go to the dog pound.

— Chandler Browne, age 12, Chicago

Crows - Towards the sun i fly, not as Icarus.
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THE CROW (photo by Hashmil on Flickr. Creative Commons License)

Notice the noble crow,
Truly magnificent—
Dark shields against the snow.
Stars that burned then were spent.
Where they go, we can’t know,
Those angels heaven sent.
The crow is not a curse,
But welcomes us to verse.

Written for Children Welcomes Polish Princess posting poems!

I climbed aboard a bumblebee's back
And up to the tree we flew
The bee was a bee
But his buzz was a quack
And his eyes were purple and blue

The tree was as tall
As a baby goat's toe
With leaves of silver and pink
I hung on tight as we swung to and fro
When I slipped and fell into ink

In an ocean I was, a chocolate cream pie
With white waves on a brown sea
I clapped my hands twice
When down from the sky
Came my friend the fat bumblebee

I climbed aboard a bumblebee's back
And the moon shone down on an ocean of ink
The stars peeked out from their blanket of black
And the trees in the warm wet ground did sink

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Plump gatherers of proud friends

If ever birds flocked fully together

Gainly in our waddling ends

Eating whatever, no matter the weather

Of course, we never measure or

Number our waists, our round gowns being all feather
River and Otter

There’s a river that hugs my town
On one side up and
One side down.
It’s like a slide that curls around.
I wish I could go for a boat ride!
There’s a path by the river
Where I learned about otters.
Maybe they’re there.
I’d like to find one,
I’d like to be kind to one.
I heard of a teacher
Who had an otter as a pet.
That’s nuts,
her house must have been all wet!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bad Weather

The streets are quiet and the schools are closed.
Ol'man winter drizzles rock candy on roads.

The yard is covered with ice that crackles,
and there's no seed left for the hungry grackles.

Two grey and mauve doves stand plump by the gate,
Until we can get out, they'll have to wait.

I color two hills, make the snow light blue,
one house with a smoke stack, and green pine trees, two.

This winter day whispers, "wait" in the wind,
I color while mother has socks she will mend.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

(No title yet, just an idea for a poem)

I practice the violin,
Hug the wood beneath my chin.

If only I was better with the bow,
I could make this music flow!

Music escapes from the heart's very own strings
when I give these lovely feelings wings.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Do we have a snow day today?

That would be nice!

No, it's just a two hour delay,

because of the ice.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Dog Paul

was very large, very tall.
He had a bed that spread
from wall to wall.
He was a hound
that we found on a visit
to the pound.
He had a gentle nature.
Such a beautiful creature.
My dog Paul,
he was the best
dog of all.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

SUMMER COUNT (updated with image from yoly D&D)

Gansos en la granja Summer Count

One golden moon early in June.

Two Chickadees feed their young without a spoon.

Three girls on bikes pass me by.

Four boys let go their kites to the sky.

Five sparrows come to the bird bath to drink

Six hands help Mama clean berries at the sink.

Seven squirrels keep shaded in the oak tree.

Eight ants dig tunnels so hard to see.

Nine fireflies seem to light up until dawn.

Ten geese dally across the lawn.


Bodega Bay

We watched the seals roll in on waves,

And gathered colored stones to make a maze.

That was a special gathering day,

The day we spent at Bodega Bay.

I was small and took your hand,

as we combed for shells in sand.

The Pelicans swooped and dove away,

That day we spent at Bodega Bay.