Monday, January 19, 2009


I climbed aboard a bumblebee's back
And up to the tree we flew
The bee was a bee
But his buzz was a quack
And his eyes were purple and blue

The tree was as tall
As a baby goat's toe
With leaves of silver and pink
I hung on tight as we swung to and fro
When I slipped and fell into ink

In an ocean I was, a chocolate cream pie
With white waves on a brown sea
I clapped my hands twice
When down from the sky
Came my friend the fat bumblebee

I climbed aboard a bumblebee's back
And the moon shone down on an ocean of ink
The stars peeked out from their blanket of black
And the trees in the warm wet ground did sink

1 comment:

tess said...

Such a fun poem -- I enjoy traveling through it and having a laugh at its title. Thanks for sharing this poem, Polish Princess!