Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alphabet Form With a Polish Desert

Working on a poem and stalled, hoping that putting it here will give me momentum to continue or revise--to go forward or back:
FAR FROM FINISHED .... yikes! I wish there were a hide feature for this blog. Hmmmm. This will teach me not to compose online.

A was an alligator sprawled on a log
B was a buoy that bobbed in the fog.
C is the charity that the child showed.
D the dark that vanished then glowed.
E is for every journey in every book,
F is for following when you take time to look.
G is for the glasses upon the teacher's face,
H hurries from here to there and any place,
I is the infinite sky spreading a blanket blue,
J just as the moon's fond face wanes before its new,
K is the kielbasa sliced cold on a plate,
L is how lovely horseradish, it's great!
Many months have passed since the tulips died down,
Now the nasturtium is the salad's peppery clown.

What comes next?

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