Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nuestras Tias in the Antilles. Prospero Ano Nuevo/ Happy New Year

A Visit to the Aunts in the Antilles (Ghazal)

Tia Rosa is very chilly even though she stays in the Antilles.
Tia Ana cooks arroz con habichuelas to amaze in the Antilles.

When the New Year comes the Flames of fire--
 like a dragon's tongue-- lick the bay in a blaze in the Antilles.

Leave your corn, your nuts, and dried apricots;
plantanas y empanadillas are all the craze in the Antilles.

Swim on a moonless night in Mosquito Bay and
 your limbs will alight as bright as days in the Antilles.

Wrap your shawl tight, listen to the coqui sing. 
Papa comes home tonight, but-- o!-- such delays in the Antilles.


Jingle said...

cute piece.

Jingle said...

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