Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fireflies: A Ghazal for Children

firefliesShhh… let’s watch and later tell about
How we spied on fireflies at night.

 The stars are falling and flitting, Don’t be surprised by fireflies at night.

 The dog snapped the air,
 Having eyed fireflies at night.

The baby knew white light spelled danger
So shied from fireflies at night.

What small creature could be prey
And hide from fireflies at night?

 Like a lantern lit, the meadow’s light
was wide from fireflies at night.

You rubbed your eyes, those birds were dots
of light comprised of fireflies at night.

Who knew this courting would light my life,
My heart is tied to fireflies tonight.

Do you watch the fireflies at night? Check out https://www.mos.org/fireflywatch/

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Douglas Florian said...

Lit up my mind! Nice one!