Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Giant (after reading Douglas Florian's "Giant" in Laugh-eteria)

from Jack and the Bean Stalk
Giants are just lonely guys.
Step up behind one and give a surprise--
Shout out to him, Hooray!, then slap his hand-- high five.
Invite him roller skating, then from a plane sky- dive!
If you're dropping too fast, he can hold out his mitt,
and catch you in air quick as a wit, then smile --
which will help to lessen his cares,
(a hedge- trimmer will do to clean up his hairs).
And while you're at it,  before they go green,
clip all his nails so he doesn't look mean.
A giant is a grown man, a very big man
who acts like a bear because he thinks he can.
He's not one of course, he's really sort of kind
                                                   and smart, and a lucky find. If you find one
                                                   he likes peanut butter and jellies,
                                                  and drinking cocoa while watching the telly.

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Elizabeth Brennan said...

I have planted my magic beans and am waiting!